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Navigating Higher Ed

couple in a healthy relationship holding hands 0

Healthy Relationships Step By Step

As much as it is about education, college is about building relationships, from lifelong friendships and employment references or contacts to dates that may one day end up in marriage. But the first step...

Scantron with failing grade 0

Learn As You Fail

If you can make it through college without failing a test, congratulations. For the rest of us, failing is a nice little reminder we are not perfect college students. Have you ever tried to...

ram tram for blog 0

A Lesson in Public Transportation

When going off to college, having a car seems like an essential to some people. Others think they will be fine without one. Let me tell you, from my personal experience, they are both...

Fraternity members at Angelo State. 4

Debunking Greek Life Stereotypes

I was told by a good friend that joining a fraternity definitely changes people’s perception of you. When I think about it, it makes sense that he said this. After all, the derogatory “frat...

Prospective students get a campus tour at Angelo State 0

What You Should Know About A Campus Tour

I absolutely never buy clothes online because I want to try them on before spending money. I know I may sound old-fashioned, that online shopping is the future and everybody does it, but I...

It's important to understand etiquette when you find yourself in formal dining situations. 2

Easing Into Etiquette

Have you ever questioned the relevance of etiquette? Who has time for all those picky little rules? Especially in college – with a full load of classes, a deluge of exams and papers, a...