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Navigating Higher Ed

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How to Handle Being Late

Whether it’s because you have back-to-back classes in buildings on opposite ends of campus or you just can’t get out of bed in the morning, being late is going to happen. Some of us...

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Transitioning From Dorm Life to an Apartment

Living in a dorm is a rite of passage for most college students. You go through it all: bad roommates, fire alarms set off by other students burning Ramen, floor meetings, borrowing laundry detergent, bonding with...

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Start Planning Your Spring Break

Taking a spring break trip is a cherished ritual for most college students. Many choose snow skiing or the beach, but Angelo State University offers something both fun and meaningful called Project Spring Break....

Time for a new year. 1

New Year, New Outlook

Welcome back to campus! The spring semester is well underway as we approach the end of January. It’s a time for settling into our new class routines but it is also the time of...

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Textbooks 101

Whether it’s your first semester in college or your last, there is something you cannot avoid: textbooks. Buying textbooks is probably one of the most infuriating and stressful things you have to do as...

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Cherishing Your Time as a College Student

Most of those who are reading this blog post are late-teen or 20-something college students, learning more about themselves and the world. At this point, you may be feeling powerless. It could have something...