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The Best-Kept Non-Secret to Graduating on Time

Female student is excited for her college graduation.

Jayna Phinney

Jayna is a web information specialist at Angelo State University. She is the office go-to gal for Post-it notes and chewing gum.

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15 Responses

  1. Lorina says:

    Another great tool for students to use is the the What if Analysis that I highly recommend to all the FG Host student participates.

  2. Gabrielle Munoz says:

    I first enjoyed this blog, because of the introduction. I am a student who would’ve answered question similar to the student above and it caught my attention too keep on reading. I also learned a lot about being prepared for advising, because before reading I was one of the students who relied on my advisor to do all the work. Now, I know going into advising I should have somethings prepared.

  3. Jessica Rodriguez says:

    This information, as well as the What-If Analysis, was very helpful in helping me find out what I want to do and finding out what would be required. The only hard part is that I am currently pre-declared and I have no idea what I want to major in. So, as of right now I am just looking at the different major options and then I try to figure out what sounds interesting to me or what I believe I could pursue a future career in.

  4. scott says:

    What if Analysis works great

  5. Ethan says:

    As a student this blog is very helpful, it may seem common sense for some students, but it’s very easy to overlook a simple degree plan when choosing classes, and many students do not realize how helpful following a degree plan can be. When I meet with my adviser I will have my degree plan with me for sure!

  6. Coby says:

    Another great tool to use is the what if analysis, it helps the student see if there on track to graduate or not. This article is also very helpful for first year students to see how upper classmen have survived.

  7. Rita-Belle says:

    I really liked the information about the academic catalog. I did not know that was available to everyone at all times. The catalog has a lot of very good information that all students could find useful. I recommend all students going through it and finding out a little more.

  8. Audryana Mendiaz says:

    This blog is great because it informs students step-by-step what they need to do when it comes to meeting with their adviser. This blog starts off with a good introduction which makes the student to want to keep reading more. Now from reading this blog, students will know that they need to be prepared and have questions to ask when they meet with their adviser.

  9. Nicolette Guerra says:

    A lot of the students here including myself do not really pay attention to the catalog, yes that is a bad thing when it comes to actually knowing what you have to do to get across that stage. Meeting with you advisor should be like a final draft of a essay it should seal what you have already put together. You should be able to walk into the room knowing what you have to take and what you have already taken. This blog is really good in letting students know how busy their advisor is and how it is not her only job she has more students and more things to do .

  10. DeMarcus says:

    Now when you go get advised they do all that for you but it’s best to look over it on your own. I used the catalogs and now I know exactly what I need.

  11. Dora Machuca says:

    This is very true you should never let your advisor do everything for you. Before being advised you should go in somewhat know what you are working towards. Always know what is going on in your degree plan because, someone helping you can always make mistakes.

  12. kade says:

    I personally have fallen victim to taken a course I have already received credit for. I didn’t think about asking my adviser if I had to take that certain class, and I ended up spending time and money that I could have spent somewhere else.

  13. Dart Dodds says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog, it was full of useful information. I did not know about that catalog until now, and I’m sure that will come in handy when I’m looking for classes now. Thank you the the useful information.

  14. Hugo Pena says:

    This is one really great way to be better prepared for college and make sure you are going through the right step of your major. please go check your catalog.

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