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Monthly Archive: March 2015


Senior Job Stress

This post is part 1 of 2 in the Job Stress series: I am currently in my last run for my journalism degree. I’ve been attending classes every semester, including summer sessions, since 2011....

Messy college dorm room 0

Bad Roommate Series: The Slob

This post is part 5 of 7 in the Bad Roommate series: This post is for anyone out there who is currently pinning unrealistic-looking dorm room decor onto a Pinterest board named “College Lyfe <3!”...

Students in an Angelo State class take a test. 15

Tackling Test Anxiety

It was time to take the ACT, the test to determine my admittance into college and the rest of my life. Perhaps I was prone to extreme thinking. I brought my perfectly sharpened No....

International students pose with some homemade food 0

Free Food For The Famished

Eating well, especially when living on a budget, is not easy. I have a friend who has developed almost a sixth sense that helps him smell free food from miles away.  I asked him...