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Monthly Archive: June 2015

A blank to-do list waits to be filled in. 0

List It And Get It Done

Have you noticed lately the many articles on social media websites that use lists: “10 things to improve your life” or “7 life hacks you can’t live without.” Our minds tend to work from...

A summer school student stresses out about homework. 0

Handling Summer School Stress

Meet my Shar-pei, Shirley Pearl. Just look at that relaxed girl. Shirley is willing to give free style advice. Do you begin the summer semester feeling and looking refreshed and sharp? As the grueling...

Saving money can help you meet budgeting goals. 0

Budgeting is Freedom

Before the end of the semester, I attended a seminar about managing personal finances. One of the speakers was Brandon K. Moore, a certified public accountant, financial advisor and ASU alumnus. He said something that...