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What I Learned From Earning My College Degree

Leonor poses with ASU president Dr. Brian May as she is awarded her diploma.
Leonor Constancio

Leonor Constancio

As the Creative Project Coordinator in the Office of Communications and Marketing at Angelo State University, Leonor manages the workflow of university creative projects, co-hosts special ASU community events, hashtags #AngeloState in as many photo booth selfie opportunities as you let her, and she also designs all sort of things.

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  1. olga alcala says:

    I congratulate you Leonor, you have written what you have learned so well, not only about your life , but also what it took you to get your education, your description of what entails to get to your destination. It makes me feel so proud to know you and what you are made of. Leonor am very proud of, as I am of my daughter , she also did the something aS you

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