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What You Need to Know About Skipping Class

Class absences can add up and effect your student success.

Lauren Peterson

I am a sophomore here at Angelo State and I am here learning to love. I enjoy road trips, big sweaters, coffee, heart to hearts, and cuddling with cats. Talk to me!

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2 Responses

  1. Treston Elkins says:

    I could not agree more with this post. I am in my second year here at Angelo State University, and I am still a freshman. Why? Because I didn’t go to class and I missed important information that could have lead to my success. I would always make excuses not to attend my classes, I would say “I’m too tired and I wont learn anything anyways”, and ” Ill just read the book and make it up later.” well, I was wrong. Now I am back at ASU and I wont be making those mistakes again. But if I would have just taken my advisor’s advice, I might be a lot farther along with my degree, and I wouldn’t be paying to take classes over again.

  2. Tanya Herrera says:

    Skipping is the worst mistake anyone could make! I did it last semester which was my first. Never did I think that by missing a class in college could be like missing a week in high school. In high school, sometimes there were days where we did nothing in class. College is not joke. You miss a day. You have missed a quiz, an announcement an assignment, and an in class assignment. I learned my lesson the hard way and that is why I am taking the same classes again. I advice every incoming freshmen to be in class not only physically but mentally as well!

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