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Author: Luke Bray

Girl sleeps from exhaustion of trying to learn a new routine each semester on campus. 0

Last Semester Perspective

What a journey college has been. I can tell you one thing for sure – I lived it with no regret. I, of course, have some bad memories, but each memory I have, good...

Students study for summer school classes 0

Digression of a Group Project

For those of you who haven’t experienced college yet, just know you will have plenty of group projects that will cause you to question people’s very existence. I can honestly say I lost potential...

Graduating senior Luke Bray illustrates his evolution as a student over the past four years. 0

First Year vs. Last Year

What a ride it has been. As I begin my final semester, I can honestly say I loved every minute of it and don’t regret anything in college. I feel like that is a...


Don’t Lie On Your Roommate App

Basically, this post applies to those of you who are going to move in with someone you’ve never met. I had to complete a roommate application on the ASU website. Just your basic “How...


Surviving the Party Phase

All right parents, let’s be honest: your sweet little precious gifts from above like to party and have a good time in college. Now understand that this partying in college is usually just a...

A group of pets. 1

Caring for Pets in College

Not everyone should have a pet in college. It is a huge responsibility and it requires at least a certain degree of effort. Whether you get a dog or cat, a fish or a...