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Category: Academics

Scantron with failing grade 0

Learn As You Fail

If you can make it through college without failing a test, congratulations. For the rest of us, failing is a nice little reminder we are not perfect college students. Have you ever tried to...

Students in an Angelo State class take a test. 15

Tackling Test Anxiety

It was time to take the ACT, the test to determine my admittance into college and the rest of my life. Perhaps I was prone to extreme thinking. I brought my perfectly sharpened No....

Students participate in Dr. Flor Madero's class at Angelo State. 0

Participation? You Get Points For That

If I told you that it is possible to easily add points to your final grade, no matter what your class, would you believe me? You should because it is possible. It’s a little thing...

Students walk quickly to class 0

Take Some Student Shortcuts

To me, taking shortcuts has always sounded like cheating. But during my career as a student I have come to realize that taking smart shortcuts can help you save time and be more effective. Here are some suggestions that...


Find Your Best College Textbook Option

Shortly after my parents dropped me off at college for the first time I had this conversation with Laura, my future sister-in-law: LAURA: Tomorrow I’ll take you to the bookstore to get your books....

Comparing academic programs can be easy once you know what to compare. 0

How to Compare Academic Programs

As you try to narrow your search for the perfect college, you may find that comparing academic programs is a good place to start. Since this is your future career we’re talking about, it...