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Category: Campus Life

Angelo State students in the homecoming parade pose for the camera. 1

Homecoming in High School vs. College

Homecoming is a tradition carried from high school through college. We celebrate it in a variety of ways, but it is centered on one concept: bringing current students and alumni together. In high school, homecoming...

A family hangs out during lunch at Family Day at Angelo State. 1

How to Totally Own Family Day

Any time my parents visited while I was in college, I would start strategizing. I had to think through the quickest way to get my parents from my dorm room to the car and off campus....

students getting involved at Angelo State 0

Learning How to Get Involved

As someone who attended a tiny high school, I can attest that going to a small school can be both a blessing and a curse, often for the same reasons. For instance, it’s nice...

student employment 0

On-Campus Jobs Vs. Off-Campus Jobs

Looking for that perfect job to make a little extra cash or start working toward your career, but don’t know where to start? That was my story and, like many others, I entered college...

Angelo State University Penant 0

Stay Connected to Your Alma Mater

After graduation, it’s time to take the next step in life. But what happens to your relationship with the place where you spent three to five years? Do you cut ties? Do you simply...