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Category: Health

College Student Hugging Laptop in Sleep 0

Creating a Summer Sleep Schedule

July is smiling (laughing) at us with the scorching fury of a West Texas summer. July brings the Summer II semester. This may mean a new class schedule, which could necessitate a new work...

Activist for Change graphic 0

Choosing To Be A Survivor

April is sexual assault awareness month or SAAM, and I’ve been seeing posters around campus saying “Consent is hot, rape is not.” The poster is effective because it makes you stop and think. It...

couple in a healthy relationship holding hands 0

Healthy Relationships Step By Step

As much as it is about education, college is about building relationships, from lifelong friendships and employment references or contacts to dates that may one day end up in marriage. But the first step...

International students pose with some homemade food 0

Free Food For The Famished

Eating well, especially when living on a budget, is not easy. I have a friend who has developed almost a sixth sense that helps him smell free food from miles away.  I asked him...


Don’t Stress Out, There’s Help

College is stressful, especially when you move miles away from home. Class assignments pile up, maybe your employer is pushing you to work more hours, midterms are coming up, and don’t even think about...