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Navigating Higher Ed

students getting involved at Angelo State 0

Learning How to Get Involved

As someone who attended a tiny high school, I can attest that going to a small school can be both a blessing and a curse, often for the same reasons. For instance, it’s nice...

student employment 0

On-Campus Jobs Vs. Off-Campus Jobs

Looking for that perfect job to make a little extra cash or start working toward your career, but don’t know where to start? That was my story and, like many others, I entered college...

Students should talk to friends when trying to choose a major. 1

A Pep Talk on Indecision

Coming to college is a big deal. There are so many options of where to go, what type of degree to achieve, how long it is going to take — the choices seem endless...

Students at Angelo State University walk to class 0

Surviving Those Inconvenient 8 a.m. Classes

When it’s time to enroll for classes, college students everywhere have the same fear: getting stuck with an 8 a.m. class. For some reason, once we get to college, anything and everything scheduled for that...