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Navigating Higher Ed

dorm roommate 0

Making the Most of Your Roommate Experience

As the time approaches to head off to college, you’re probably not scared about moving away from home, being independent and starting a new life. This is all fun stuff. The thing that scares...


Going to College: Things to Bring with You

One of the things I am very good at is thinking ahead about what may come up unexpectedly. As an international student, that is an especially important skill. When packing to come to Angelo...

Silhouette of a crowd of people 0

College Tips for the Socially Anxious

In my 35 rotations around the sun, I’ve learned that much of life exists on a spectrum. One such spectrum applies to personality traits called introversion and extroversion. In short, introverts enjoy socializing but...

Teenage Girl Being Cyberbullied By Text Message 0

How to Handle Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is bullying. Don’t be fooled by the technology. Cyberbullying is when anyone uses a computer, tablet and/or smartphone apps to intentionally harass and upset someone else. Cyberbullies use the same words and tactics...

Wallflower girl stands by a brick wall. 0

Breaking Away From Your Wallflower Status

I am that person. The forever wallflower: introverted and being overwhelmed by anxiety when I’m in a room filled with both familiar and unfamiliar faces. I’m becoming more OK with being categorized in this...