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Navigating Higher Ed

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Staying Motivated

Summer is a time to relax by the pool, sleep in and go on vacations. Unless you’re like me, then your summer is consumed with classes and homework. Summer classes are definitely a good...

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Surviving a Summer in Isolation

It’s a strange feeling when you realize you don’t know yourself as well as you thought you did. That’s what I experienced the summer after my junior year of college, when I headed to...

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Creating a Summer Sleep Schedule

July is smiling (laughing) at us with the scorching fury of a West Texas summer. July brings the Summer II semester. This may mean a new class schedule, which could necessitate a new work...

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Using Selfie Etiquette

The selfie — we’ve all done it. And if anybody you meet owns a smartphone and tells you they have never taken a self-portrait with that phone’s camera, they’re probably lying. Selfies are the rage...

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Surviving on Student Wages

Every time I see an oscillating fan I think of the summer after my freshman year of college. The rhythm of the whir and click as it moved back and forth was the only...