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Tagged: academic help

Theatre students read a play. 16

Read Like You Mean It

Back when I was young and still played sports, a baseball coach told us our goal each day was to “practice like we mean it.” The idea, and it’s a cliché we’ve all heard...

Female student with "idea" doodle 0

Alternative Studying Methods

It’s time to stop mindlessly skimming through your textbook and struggling to make sense of your class notes. As a transfer student from a junior college into a university, I didn’t really have an approach...

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Organizing For College Success

At the beginning of a new semester, you may see students walking and visiting with old friends, calm and innocently thinking about how they are going to tackle their classes. Don’t get me wrong,...

Students participate in Dr. Flor Madero's class at Angelo State. 0

Participation? You Get Points For That

If I told you that it is possible to easily add points to your final grade, no matter what your class, would you believe me? You should because it is possible. It’s a little thing...

Students walk quickly to class 0

Take Some Student Shortcuts

To me, taking shortcuts has always sounded like cheating. But during my career as a student I have come to realize that taking smart shortcuts can help you save time and be more effective. Here are some suggestions that...

Students in the Psychology, Sociology and Social Work Department attend class 0

Better Late Than Cliché

A counselor told me once upon a time that my prized punctuality was just a reflection of my controlling nature. Yes, she called me a control freak. I had thought of it as a...