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Tagged: campus support

A summer school student stresses out about homework. 0

Handling Summer School Stress

Meet my Shar-pei, Shirley Pearl. Just look at that relaxed girl. Shirley is willing to give free style advice. Do you begin the summer semester feeling and looking refreshed and sharp? As the grueling...

Students stress out in a computer lab during dead week. 0

Surviving Dead Week

This time of year, two words are heard that are dreaded by every student and whispered in fear: dead week. That is the last week of classes before finals. The name alone can spark...

Activist for Change graphic 0

Choosing To Be A Survivor

April is sexual assault awareness month or SAAM, and I’ve been seeing posters around campus saying “Consent is hot, rape is not.” The poster is effective because it makes you stop and think. It...

Scantron with failing grade 0

Learn As You Fail

If you can make it through college without failing a test, congratulations. For the rest of us, failing is a nice little reminder we are not perfect college students. Have you ever tried to...

Female student with "idea" doodle 0

Alternative Studying Methods

It’s time to stop mindlessly skimming through your textbook and struggling to make sense of your class notes. As a transfer student from a junior college into a university, I didn’t really have an approach...


Don’t Stress Out, There’s Help

College is stressful, especially when you move miles away from home. Class assignments pile up, maybe your employer is pushing you to work more hours, midterms are coming up, and don’t even think about...