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Tagged: degree plans

Angelo State students go to class to prepare for exams. 0

Using Your Drops

It may sound strange, but knowing when to give up can be an essential part of your college success. I’m talking about being strategic with your course drops or withdrawals. If you’re unfamiliar with...

College friends think they can party with no consequences. 1

Busting College Myths

During your time leading up to college, you may hear and believe a lot of interesting ideas and opinions about the college experience. Most of these ideas are untrue or “myths.” Today, I’m here...

Classical musicians play at Angelo State University 0

Lessons From A Class Outside Your Major

If you haven’t had to already, eventually you will have to take a class or classes to fulfill a degree requirement that is outside your major. For example, I’m a communication major and currently I’m...

One student helps others complete their course registration. 0

How to Register With Ease

It’s that time of year again, when everybody needs to slow down long enough to consider their future. By future I mean both your immediate and your more distant one. It’s college registration time,...

An Angelo State University professor lectures to students 0

The Truth About Dropping Classes

Everybody has that one class that they aren’t doing great in. It can be tempting to drop that class. Your workload might be too high or you might have a difficult professor you aren’t...