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Tagged: education

Students walk quickly to class 0

Take Some Student Shortcuts

To me, taking shortcuts has always sounded like cheating. But during my career as a student I have come to realize that taking smart shortcuts can help you save time and be more effective. Here are some suggestions that...

Students in the Psychology, Sociology and Social Work Department attend class 0

Better Late Than Cliché

A counselor told me once upon a time that my prized punctuality was just a reflection of my controlling nature. Yes, she called me a control freak. I had thought of it as a...

Italian international students and a football tailgate 2

College From an International Perspective

A year ago, I was a typical college student in Italy looking for a life-changing experience. Coming to Angelo State University as an international student has allowed me to fulfill that desire, but my...

Student rests after studying. 0

Juggling School and a Job

What is something that most everyone in college struggles with? No, it is not roommates or being away from home for the first time. It’s time management. I have struggled with time management, and...

Comparing academic programs can be easy once you know what to compare. 0

How to Compare Academic Programs

As you try to narrow your search for the perfect college, you may find that comparing academic programs is a good place to start. Since this is your future career we’re talking about, it...