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Tagged: education

Two Angelo State students debate the sophomore slump 0

Surviving the Sophomore Slump

You made it through your freshman year. You found some friends, learned the best places to eat on and off campus, and discovered what it is like to be in charge of yourself for...

Students study for summer school classes 0

Surviving Summer Courses

College summer school means giving up your summer freedom to sit in a classroom for almost two hours EVERY DAY, per class. Sounds like fun, right? OK, it doesn’t, but what’s important is that...

Two ASU students use apps on their phones. 0

12 Useful Apps for College Students

Technology is here to stay, so we might as well accept it and use it to our advantage. So here is a list of apps that I find very useful and that I’d recommend to my...

Thank You 0

Thank You Letter To My Parents

As I reach the end of my junior year, I can’t help but flash back to three years ago when I was getting ready to start college. Those times seem like a lifetime ago....

Happy Finals Week. May the odds be ever in your favor. 0

How to Make it Through Finals Week

Finals are here and we all know what that means: all-night study sessions, caffeine binges and brain cramps. This is the worst/best time of the entire school year. It is the worst because of...

Finals time it is. Pass or pass not. . . there is no try. 0

Finals Time It Is

I am pulling out my nerd card today. The memorable moments of the “Star Wars” series are countless, as are the inspirational quotes from the characters and their creator. Enjoy them, use them in...