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Tagged: education

Online students work together in a computer lab. 1

No Online Classes For Me, Please

I know a lot of students take online classes and they do very well. Some people even earn their entire degree online. But that’s never going to be me. If you’re trying to decide...

You are never too old for a Disney movie. 1

College Life Lessons From Disney

  If you haven’t binged watched Disney movies as a college student then you haven’t lived! OK, so maybe that’s a little dramatic, but Disney movies have been very influential in our lives. From...


Surviving Group Projects

This post is part 1 of 3 in the Group Projects series: Group projects are something you simply can’t avoid in college. It doesn’t matter what you major in or what classes you take,...

Classical musicians play at Angelo State University 0

Lessons From A Class Outside Your Major

If you haven’t had to already, eventually you will have to take a class or classes to fulfill a degree requirement that is outside your major. For example, I’m a communication major and currently I’m...

Hay bales 2

The Virtues of Being a One-Hit Wonder

College is a time full of new experiences – fun, falling, failing, learning, getting back up, personal and intellectual growth – if you open yourself to fully experiencing your time here. I am not...