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Tagged: entertainment

A family hangs out during lunch at Family Day at Angelo State. 1

How to Totally Own Family Day

Any time my parents visited while I was in college, I would start strategizing. I had to think through the quickest way to get my parents from my dorm room to the car and off campus....

Wallflower girl stands by a brick wall. 0

Breaking Away From Your Wallflower Status

I am that person. The forever wallflower: introverted and being overwhelmed by anxiety when I’m in a room filled with both familiar and unfamiliar faces. I’m becoming more OK with being categorized in this...

Lauren's personal selfie 0

Using Selfie Etiquette

The selfie — we’ve all done it. And if anybody you meet owns a smartphone and tells you they have never taken a self-portrait with that phone’s camera, they’re probably lying. Selfies are the rage...


6 Reasons Why College Students Love BuzzFeed

It’s no secret that college students love BuzzFeed. It’s our best tool to combat boredom and perpetuate procrastination. What is BuzzFeed, you ask? BuzzFeed is described on its website as an online news source that...