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Thank You 0

Thank You Letter To My Parents

As I reach the end of my junior year, I can’t help but flash back to three years ago when I was getting ready to start college. Those times seem like a lifetime ago....

You are never too old for a Disney movie. 1

College Life Lessons From Disney

  If you haven’t binged watched Disney movies as a college student then you haven’t lived! OK, so maybe that’s a little dramatic, but Disney movies have been very influential in our lives. From...

Cardboard box with "special delivery" written on it. 0

Showing Care With Care Packages

This post is for all the moms who worry about their kids (which means it’s for all the moms of the world). My mother is one of them. I don’t know what happened, but after...

Christmas tree with gold decoration in shopping mall 0

Christmas Shopping on a College Budget

Christmas shopping has to be the most enjoyable and frustrating thing to do during the holidays. I mean, trying to find something perfect for everyone on your list is probably near impossible (especially since...

A candlelight vigil helps people grieve. 0

A Time to Mourn

Over the past year, I have recognized that our ASU community has faced loss. In the spring semester, our Nepalese students were hit with the news of a destructive earthquake in their home country....