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Tagged: financial aid

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Confessions of an Overbearing Friend

I admit it: I’m a helicopter friend. I mean, not all the time. Nobody wants a friend who’s always making other people’s lives their business. The thing about being a successful helicopter friend is...

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Financial Aid Q&A

Many students at Angelo State University receive some sort of financial aid, and it comes in many shapes and forms. Financial aid can be scholarships, grants, work study awards and student loans. Grants, work...

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The Truth About Dropping Classes

Everybody has that one class that they aren’t doing great in. It can be tempting to drop that class. Your workload might be too high or you might have a difficult professor you aren’t...

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5 Tips for Student Loan Applicants

It’s difficult today to pick up a newspaper without reading an article on student loan debt. Why would anyone in their right mind want to enter the world of student loan debt? On the...