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Tagged: friendships

A candlelight vigil helps people grieve. 0

A Time to Mourn

Over the past year, I have recognized that our ASU community has faced loss. In the spring semester, our Nepalese students were hit with the news of a destructive earthquake in their home country....

Halloween party with college students 0

Getting into the Spirit of Halloween

Halloween is here and it’s time to get into the spirit! Once you reach a certain age, you might start to think  you’re too old to go trick-or-treating anymore. I am here to tell you...

Social media icons 0

The Problem With Social Media

Lately, I’ve been thinking quite a lot about social media and the entire idea of it. Social media is pretty odd when you really meditate on the premise of it all. I mean, think...

Two college students overcome shyness and work together on a class project. 0

How Not to Be Shy

As a college freshman, I decided to join a sorority. I was shy girl, a bookworm, and no one I knew from my hometown was attending this school. I saw college as a chance...

Silhouette of a crowd of people 0

College Tips for the Socially Anxious

In my 35 rotations around the sun, I’ve learned that much of life exists on a spectrum. One such spectrum applies to personality traits called introversion and extroversion. In short, introverts enjoy socializing but...