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Tagged: real life

Student working at a summer job in a restaurant 0

Cliché Yourself into a Summer Job

Remember when you were in grade school and the end of the school year meant it was time for summer vacation? It was great! No homework or studying. Staying up late and sleeping in...

Angelo State University Police patch 0

Role of Campus Police

Parking ticket, speeding ticket, moving violation? Campus police are here for more than that tickets. They are here to keep us safe during our college years. Director of Public Safety and Chief of University Police...


Live on Campus For Memories, Friendships

The posts here from the Bad Roommate series can make having a roommate sound scary. But based on my experience as an international student at ASU, living in a dorm can be one of the...

Students stress out in a computer lab during dead week. 0

Surviving Dead Week

This time of year, two words are heard that are dreaded by every student and whispered in fear: dead week. That is the last week of classes before finals. The name alone can spark...

Activist for Change graphic 0

Choosing To Be A Survivor

April is sexual assault awareness month or SAAM, and I’ve been seeing posters around campus saying “Consent is hot, rape is not.” The poster is effective because it makes you stop and think. It...