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Tagged: real life

Girl sleeps from exhaustion of trying to learn a new routine each semester on campus. 0

Get Back Into a Routine

Winter break is officially over and it is time to set your alarm clock again. Getting back into routine is definitely my toughest struggle when coming back to school. I have gotten used to...

Music sorority members 5

(Technically) Greek Life

I may be a male, but I’m a sister. That may sound a little odd, but it’s true! I’m a sister of Tau Beta Sigma. Traditionally, sororities are for girls, which is why I’m...

It's important to have blood brothers, those friends you can always rely on. 0

Brothers of the Wolf Pack

I have made some great friends in the three years I’ve been in San Angelo. As I’ve met new people, I’ve lost contact with some as well, but there are a few friends from...

Doing laundry in college requires thought and effort. 0

A Lesson in Laundry Room Etiquette

Okay, it’s confession time. When I came to college, I had no idea how to do laundry. You are probably asking yourself, “How does a responsible, independent, 18-year-old woman manage to make it to...