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Tagged: real life

College friends think they can party with no consequences. 1

Busting College Myths

During your time leading up to college, you may hear and believe a lot of interesting ideas and opinions about the college experience. Most of these ideas are untrue or “myths.” Today, I’m here...

Two students prepare for an exam to avoid failure. 0

Recovering From the Verge of Failing

This post is part 2 of 2 in the Failure series: If you are getting back assignment after assignment, quiz after quiz and test after test with failing grades, you may be on the...

Thumbs down graphic to illustrate failing 0

Dealing With Failure

This post is part 1 of 2 in the Failure series: In college, everything is a lot harder than high school. Even the simplest assignment could have you throwing in the towel. But working...

Pills in front of sick man who has flu 0

How To Handle Being Sick In College

Allergies, sinus infections, the flu, or even just a regular common cold – you are likely going to experience at least one of these in your four years at college. It is a lot...

Cartoon thieves and smartphone 0

What To Do When You’re a Victim of Theft

Perhaps you received a present for your birthday or another special occasion. Perhaps it was a shiny new tablet or smart phone. Happiness, puppies, kitties and rainbow sprinkles all around! But wait. Some dastardly...