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Making the Most of Your Roommate Experience

As the time approaches to head off to college, you’re probably not scared about moving away from home, being independent and starting a new life. This is all fun stuff. The thing that scares...


Live on Campus For Memories, Friendships

The posts here from the Bad Roommate series can make having a roommate sound scary. But based on my experience as an international student at ASU, living in a dorm can be one of the...

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Bad Roommate Series: The Slob

This post is part 5 of 7 in the Bad Roommate series: This post is for anyone out there who is currently pinning unrealistic-looking dorm room decor onto a Pinterest board named “College Lyfe <3!”...

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Bad Roommate Series: The Awkward Roommate

This post is part 4 of 7 in the Bad Roommate series: There are three basic levels of social awkwardness: There’s “I struggle with leaving voice mails and operating automatic soap dispensers” awkward; There’s “I know...