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Tagged: social life

A band plays at a Ram Jam tailgate at Angelo State University. 0

The Power of Music in College

School can bring you down. I’m not saying that it’s bad going to school, I’m saying that the school grind is hard and it can take a toll on you. For me, music is...

A sunburned kid with facial injuries sprays bug repellent. 0

Avoiding Summer Hazards

For college students, summer can be a welcome break, a chance to reconnect with family and friends, celebrate a successful school year, pick up a fun job for some extra cash. There are Memorial...

College friends think they can party with no consequences. 1

Busting College Myths

During your time leading up to college, you may hear and believe a lot of interesting ideas and opinions about the college experience. Most of these ideas are untrue or “myths.” Today, I’m here...

Darth Vader saying "Every move you make, I'll have the right solution to force upon you." 0

Confessions of an Overbearing Friend

I admit it: I’m a helicopter friend. I mean, not all the time. Nobody wants a friend who’s always making other people’s lives their business. The thing about being a successful helicopter friend is...

Jackie Chan throws his hands in the air over college slang terms 0

De-coding College Slang Terms

For college students, using slang terms is basically second nature. Whether we say them out loud or post them on social media, most of us are familiar with the slang. But that may not...