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Tagged: student involvement

students getting involved at Angelo State 0

Learning How to Get Involved

As someone who attended a tiny high school, I can attest that going to a small school can be both a blessing and a curse, often for the same reasons. For instance, it’s nice...

Wallflower girl stands by a brick wall. 0

Breaking Away From Your Wallflower Status

I am that person. The forever wallflower: introverted and being overwhelmed by anxiety when I’m in a room filled with both familiar and unfamiliar faces. I’m becoming more OK with being categorized in this...

Fraternity members at Angelo State. 4

Debunking Greek Life Stereotypes

I was told by a good friend that joining a fraternity definitely changes people’s perception of you. When I think about it, it makes sense that he said this. After all, the derogatory “frat...

Angelo State fans cheer for the Rams at a football game 1

A Need For School Spirit

School spirit. Do the words conjure up images of extreme body paint and obnoxious chanting students? It doesn’t have to. It can be as simple as just showing up. School spirit can tell future students...

Music sorority members 5

(Technically) Greek Life

I may be a male, but I’m a sister. That may sound a little odd, but it’s true! I’m a sister of Tau Beta Sigma. Traditionally, sororities are for girls, which is why I’m...