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Tagged: student life

An Angelo State professor talks to students 0

How to Overcome Shyness in Class

For many people, speaking up in class or working with people on a group project isn’t that big of a deal. For some of us, though, it can be tantamount to punishment for crimes...

Mousing over to compose an email 1

Email Etiquette in College

You probably haven’t thought much about email etiquette, but for college students there are some important situations to consider, such as contacting a professor. Let’s be honest. Students mostly email professors because they need...

bella mascot with ram

How to Survive the Awkward Moments

Have you’ve ever felt that awkward feeling when going up to a professor for the first time? How about accidentally dropping all of your books and papers on the ground in front of everybody...

Two international students pose for the camera at Angelo State. 0

Broadening Your Perspective

Your first year or two at college, you may be tempted to cling to what is familiar. My advice to you is, don’t. Don’t just hang out with people who are familiar. Don’t keep...

A group of college couples pose for a picture. 0

Dating in College

My pastor always told me that in college you don’t date for fun anymore, you date for a future with that person. College relationships are nothing like high school relationships. You are in a...

Halloween party with college students 0

Getting into the Spirit of Halloween

Halloween is here and it’s time to get into the spirit! Once you reach a certain age, you might start to think  you’re too old to go trick-or-treating anymore. I am here to tell you...