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Staying Motivated

Summer is a time to relax by the pool, sleep in and go on vacations. Unless you’re like me, then your summer is consumed with classes and homework. Summer classes are definitely a good...

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Handling Summer School Stress

Meet my Shar-pei, Shirley Pearl. Just look at that relaxed girl. Shirley is willing to give free style advice. Do you begin the summer semester feeling and looking refreshed and sharp? As the grueling...

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Boring Class Solutions

After many years in the world of full-time work, I went back for a summer school class. It was lovely! The class met five days a week but I didn’t have to be there...

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Surviving Dead Week

This time of year, two words are heard that are dreaded by every student and whispered in fear: dead week. That is the last week of classes before finals. The name alone can spark...

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Tackling Test Anxiety

It was time to take the ACT, the test to determine my admittance into college and the rest of my life. Perhaps I was prone to extreme thinking. I brought my perfectly sharpened No....