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Tagged: test prep

ASU Mobile app for Angelo State 0

There’s an App for That

Everyone says it because it’s true! There are 1.2 million apps for iOS, and 1.3 million for Android, plus countless apps for other platforms. As a techy kind of guy, I’ve been known to...

Students in an Angelo State class take a test. 15

Tackling Test Anxiety

It was time to take the ACT, the test to determine my admittance into college and the rest of my life. Perhaps I was prone to extreme thinking. I brought my perfectly sharpened No....

Students prepare to take the GRE 0

Preparing for the GRE

The GRE: if you are an upperclassman who has even considered continuing on your education, then I can guarantee that you have had a moment of panic when considering the fact that you may...