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Tagged: time management

Students at Angelo State University walk to class 0

Surviving Those Inconvenient 8 a.m. Classes

When it’s time to enroll for classes, college students everywhere have the same fear: getting stuck with an 8 a.m. class. For some reason, once we get to college, anything and everything scheduled for that...

College Student Hugging Laptop in Sleep 0

Creating a Summer Sleep Schedule

July is smiling (laughing) at us with the scorching fury of a West Texas summer. July brings the Summer II semester. This may mean a new class schedule, which could necessitate a new work...

A blank to-do list waits to be filled in. 0

List It And Get It Done

Have you noticed lately the many articles on social media websites that use lists: “10 things to improve your life” or “7 life hacks you can’t live without.” Our minds tend to work from...


6 Reasons Why College Students Love BuzzFeed

It’s no secret that college students love BuzzFeed. It’s our best tool to combat boredom and perpetuate procrastination. What is BuzzFeed, you ask? BuzzFeed is described on its website as an online news source that...

Students stress out in a computer lab during dead week. 0

Surviving Dead Week

This time of year, two words are heard that are dreaded by every student and whispered in fear: dead week. That is the last week of classes before finals. The name alone can spark...